An exceptional man

Bernard Lemaire, cofounder of Cascades, has decided not to seek a new mandate with the Cascades Board of Directors. Celebrate his 51 years of dedicated work within the Company by paying tribute to him with a text or a photo.


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Thank you for your continued commitment and support.
It has been a great 15 year experience for me to be a member of the CascadesTissue Group team.

Dan Boulianne



May your passion for life carry you forward.

Working for Cascades was one of the greatest experiences in my life. Your company is amazing due to the efforts you and your family made over the years. I have extensive experience with other employment, but nothing has made me feel as proud as being a Cascadeur!

You are an inspiration that I will never forget. Thank you. 
John Karcz 

Hi Mr Lemaire
I applied for a position recently within your firm and while browsing the website to know more about the company I found that Cascades synonym is Bernard Lemaire. Your great dedication toward the company and savoire faire is what made Cascades what it is today

Wish you the best and wish you will be the same as Jack Welsh in passing your tremendous knowledge to young leaders
B. Youssef

Bernard, you're an inspiration for everyone who believes in the can-do approach to life.
You have all the fire of life ... with none of the ashes.

Thank you for giving us Cascades Tissue Group and all the inspiration & good work that it cultivates.
Valerie Bradshaw



Although many people in Quebec have experienced success in business over the years, no one has been able to share it with family and the community quite like Bernard Lemaire.

Congratulations for all your past and future achievements!
David Gravel



Your passion, great charisma, intelligence, determination, stubbornness and festive spirit make you a great human being, and you have inspired me, encouraged me to take risks and to go all out. You're a builder, an unique visionary. I admire the wisdom that leads you to other passions. Rest assured that we, Cascaders, will continue to build on your foundations.

Thank you very much, Bernard, and cheers!
Nathalie Comeau