Landmark Events

Learn more about the history of Cascades through the milestone events of the past 50 years.

The start-up of Greenpac Mill LLC

In 2013, Cascades, in partnership with the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Jamestown Container and Containerboard Partners, is proud to announce that Greenpac is officially ready to begin operations. 

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Source: The Niagara Gazette, July 2013

2012: A green year for Cascades

After Alain Lemaire is named Greenest CEO byLes Affaires, Cascades reaches the end of its 2010-2012 Sustainable Development Plan.

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Source: 2010-2012 Sustainable Development Plan

Mario Plourde is appointed Chief Operating Officer



In 2011, the Lemaire brothers begin to prepare for their succession by creating the position of Chief Operating Officer. Mario Plourde takes on the role until 2013, when he is promoted to the head of Cascades.

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Source: The Globe and Mail (February 2011) and the Cascadeur (March 2011)

2009: Picture of the last 45 years

Why not take a few moments to rediscover Cascades and its leaders as it celebrates its 45th anniversary; interviews, milestone events and vox pop are featured.

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Source: 45th anniversary booklet,  2009

Cascades and Reno de Medici join forces


In 2008, Cascades and Reno de Medici merge their European boxboard activities. This association strengthens both companies on the operational, business and financial fronts.

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Source: The Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal, February 2008

2006: Cascades becomes the sole owner of Norampac

In early December, the Lemaire brothers sign an agreement to purchase Norampac, which, at the time, was 50% owned by Domtar.

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Source: The Canadian Press, December 2006

Cascades supports a young, promising athlete

Alexandre Bilodeau is turning heads with his impressive performances. While the upcoming Olympic Games in Turin are coming, the young skier’s athletic career marks a milestone.

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Source: The Canadian Press, March 2005

Happy birthday Cascades!

Cascades is 40! The compagny has truly come a long way since March 26, 1964. Cascades has grown and prospered without forsaking its ideals, values and goals.

Learn more about 40 years of succes here.

Source: Pulp and Paper Canada, June 2004

2002: A promising year

Following record results in 2001, Cascades begins the new year a vision for continued growth. This article chronicles past events as the Company becomes an icon for the Quebec business community.

Learn all the details by reading the full article here.

Source: CME, March 2002

Growth despite the crisis

2001 is marked by the fateful date of September 11. With the economic downturn, certain resources became less accessible, which affected the Company’s operating costs. Despite these difficult conditions, Cascades maintained its financial success throughout the year.

Learn more details by reading the full article here.

Source: The Record, July 2001

The year 2000 ushered in a fair share of change

For the Cascades Group, the new millennium is synonymous with transition.
While the essence of the company remained intact, the organization’s corporate structure underwent a number of transformations.

Learn more about this pivotal transition period by reading the full article here.

Source: The Cascadeur, 2000

Cascades celebrates 35 years

1999 is a significant year for the paper company, as it reaches the ripe old age of 35. On the eve of the new millennium, Cascades is a major international paper and packaging manufacturer enjoying a successful year and a promising future.


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Source: The Cascadeur, December 1999.

1995: a prosperous year

 1995 is marked by major acquisitions for Cascades, including Perkins Papers Ltd., which owns the Candiac, Lachute and Laval mills, and the reverse takeover of Boralex, one of the largest private producers of electricity in Québec.

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Source: 1995 Annual Report.

1994: Cascades celebrates its 30th birthday

Twenty years ago, Cascades celebrated its 30th anniversary under the theme “The wind in its sails.” On July 2, 1994, Kingsey Falls was alive with the bustle of festivities. For a lasting memory of the special day, a booklet of historical facts and highlights of the celebration was made especially for Cascaders.

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Source: Cascades Celebrates: Already 30 Years, 1994.

Cascades' Philosophy: the writings remain

In 1993, after Cascades senior management met to decide on the content of the first edition,Let's Live Up to Our Philosophy was published. For the very first time, Cascades' philosophy was put in writing. Half a century later, these values continue to inspire Cascaders!

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Source: Let's Live Up to Our Philosophy, 1993. 

Bernard passes the torch to his brother Laurent

In 1992, Bernard Lemaire leaves his position as President of Cascades to make room for the younger generation. His brother Laurent, then
Vice-President of Finance, takes over as head of the Company.

Source: The Gazette, January 17, 1992.

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Cascades: one big family

The Lemaire brothers have succeeded where others have failed. What is their recipe for success? Learn about the business model behind Cascades' success.

Source: Profit, December 1990

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Cascades Port-Cartier

Over five decades, the history of Cascades was marked by some great successes but also by certain setbacks. In 1987, the most recent acquisition of the company, Cascades Port-Cartier, began its operations. It was the largest pulp mill in the world! This ambitious project faced its own set of challenges.

Source: Pulp & Paper, November 1987.

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Cascades Crosses the Atlantic

Cascades grows significantly as it expands into France. In 1985, the Lemaire brothers acquire a plant in La Rochette, France, breathing new life into it.

Source: The Gazette,Business, June 27, 1987

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A Tribute to Antonio Lemaire

At the beginning of 1986, Antonio Lemaire, one of the original builders of Cascades and father of Bernard, Laurent and Alain, passed away at the age of 78. Antonio was an inspiration to his three sons and to Cascades, and he continues to inspire Cascaders even today.

Source: Le Cascadeur, April 1986.

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1984: twenty years later

Over 20 years, Cascades made great strides, starting out as a small company and growing into a large and very promising corporation. In 1984, after two decades of success and growth, Cascades celebrated its 20th anniversary .

Source: Canadian Business, August 1984.

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1982 Annual Report

Each of the Company's sector of activities increased in 1982, as reflected in that year's annual report.

Source : extract from 1982 Annual Report.

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Group Cascades staff newsletter

The first internal newspaper was published in 1982 to facilitate communications within the Company.

Source : Bulletin d’informations du personnel du Groupe Cascades, 1982.

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Les Industries Cascades

In 1977, the association between Cascades and the Wyant Company Limited leads to the creation of a factory that will manufacture toilet paper: Les Industries Cascades (known today as Tissue Group).

Source: History of Cascades companies, France Lemaire, 1984.

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Papier Cascades Cabano inc.

Cascades, now written with an “s”, is already 10 years old and starts construction of another plant: Papier Cascades Cabano Inc.

Source: Annual Report 1988, Cascades.

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Papier Cascade Ltd.

Having managed to make their business profitable, the Lemaire brothers opened a second plant in 1971, known today as Forma-Pak.

Source: History of Cascades' companies, France Lemaire, 1984.

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Here is an advertisement for the product in the Drummondville newspaper La Parole.

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Papier Cascade Paper Inc.

In 1969, following improvements at the mill, sales and wages were on the rise and new employees were being hired.

Source: History of Cascades' Companies, France Lemaire, 1984.

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The First Craftsmen

In the early days, there were only 12 Cascadeurs: the first members of the Cascades family.

Source: 40 Years of Success, Cascades’ 40th anniversary book.

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Recycling Pioneers

In the 1950s, Antonio Lemaire, avant-garde for its time, was already reusing, recovering and recycling everything he found! But it is in the family kitchen that it really began...

Source: 40 Years of Success, Cascades’ 40th anniversary book.

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Kingsey Falls: Before the Lemaire's Arrival

Cascades Paper Inc. had its beginnings in Kingsey Falls at the site of an old mill named Dominion Paper Co. 

Period photograph representing the mill rented and later purchased by the Lemaire Family at their arrival in 1964.

Source: History of Cascades' Companies, France Lemaire, 1984.

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