For Competitive Benefits and a Stimulating Quality of Life

An award-winner many times over for its unique and sustainable management practices, Cascades’ leadership in the field of human resources is undeniable. In many ways, especially in terms of profit sharing, Cascades was a trailblazer and its innovative practices are frequently cited as an example in universities and management schools.


Complementary retirement plans, complete group insurance plans, a share purchase plan, advantageous vacation allowances, study bursaries for employees' children, discounts on sport memberships, continuous training allowances, etc. Our benefits program clearly reflects our philosophy of respect and is applied in all areas of work.

Profit-Sharing Plan

All employees are considered partners, and receive part of the profits generated by their unit. In 2015, more than $56 million was distributed to our employees to recognize their contribution to Cascades.

Equal Pay

The value of the work and energy that our employees invest in the Corporation is always recognized. Through annual evaluations, they benefit from equitable pay to encourage initiative and entrepreneurship.

A Stimulating Work Environment

Cascades employees enjoy an enviable work environment which encourages them to take initiatives, work together and excel individually. Cascades offers an excellent quality of life not only through aspects such as work schedules, but also by organizing and facilitating shared experiences through social and sporting events.

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