Processed food and beverages

Give your beverages, spirits and processed foods all the care they deserve: opt for Cascades food packaging, including beverage napkins and cup-carriers made from recycled fibres.

This paperboard partition protects boxed glass items during transit.

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Box Partition

Food and beverage products are ripe for impulse purchase like no other category

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Corrugated beer Box

Our state-of-the-art press offers 6-colour printing with Aqueous, UV and specialty coatings.

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New generation of four cup carriers boasts an innovative design with outstanding cup holding performance

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Four cup

Vegetable farmers

When it comes to selecting packaging for their fresh products, vegetable growers and poultry farmers turn to Cascades for its boxes and containers that have been specially designed to carry fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables such as mushrooms and tomatoes.

This fresh produce container stand out, perform in addition to be recyclable.

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Mushroom containers

Cardboard container for strawberries

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Container for strawberries

Vented ensures proper air flow to fresh produce in addition to preserving the product’s integrity.

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EVOK is the first polystyrene food tray in North America made with 25 %recycled materia

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EVOK<br> Supermarkets

Designed to allow the excess humidity produced by the plant to escape while offering superior ...

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Fresh herbs

Meat, poultry, fish and eggs

Your products will shine at the meat and fish counters thanks to Cascades’ foam trays, separators and absorbent pads. Our experts know how to give your meats, deli products, poultry, eggs and seafood the appeal they deserve!

EVOK is the first polystyrene food tray in North America made with 25 %recycled material.

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Polystyrene Foam Meat

This whole chicken tray features an integrated flap that immobilises the chicken’s legs

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Whole chicken tray

This fresh protein modified atmosphere packaging system offers an optimal and extended shelf life

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Atmosphere packaging (MAP)

The absorbent pads allowing for absorption and liquids retention.

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Pro-Zorb absorbent pads

Freezing box for cardboard

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Freezing boxes

These egg filler flats are designed for use with high or regular speed denesting equipment

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Egg filler flats

This container is designed to reduce food freezing times through expedited thermal transfer.

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Polar Container rapid freezing

This insulated box is an environmentally friendly solution for shipping temperature-sensitive products.

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Insulated shipping container

This container is submersible and resistant to high-pressure water jets.

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Extreme H2O - Waterproof

Cascades EVOK Seperator provides versatile, moisture-resistant and optimized handling for all your packaging needs.

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Pastries, confectionery, candy and other

In the pastries and baked goods section, Cascades boxes and containers will make your fresh and prepared foods irresistible. Supermarkets also favour our products to package their candies, nuts, bulk foods and other confectionery items.

Eko-Sens hinged lid containers with press buttons are an innovative design that promotes freshness.

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Pastry and bakery

Packaging innovation to your brand

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Corrugated packaging innovation

This crystal clear rectangular container maximises shelf space.

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bulk sealable

These crystal-clear containers are round in shape and used for bulk or prepared foods

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Prepared foods with a shrink band

Available in a variety of sizes and customizable, equipped with a reclosable lid

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Benpac<br>reclosable lid

Operation and health (Food processing)

Because food processing companies also have a need for cleaning and dining products, Cascade offers a comprehensive range of paper hand towels, napkins, wipes and dispensing systems.

Les chiffons pour les services alimentaires Busboy (24'') et Busboy Select (21'') sont les substituts ...

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Foodservice towels

Les distributrices Tandem+ sont performantes en matière d’hygiène, de coûts et d’écoresponsabilité.

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 Tandem+ Hand Towel Dispenser

White, brown, ivory hand towels; Green Seal, UL or Green-e certified for most; 100% recycled.

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Roll Towel<BR>100% recycled

Sustainable facial tissues; Green Seal, UL or Green-e certified for most; 100% recycled.

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Facial Tissue

From towels to tissues and wipers to dispensers our product offering covers all bases.

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