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Many consumers lead busy lives and greatly appreciate having a ready-to-eat selection in their grocery stores. Satisfy this demand and package your prepared dishes in Cascades’ wide array of food containers, including foam trays, plates, bowls and lids made from recycled plastic or polystyrene foam.

Equipped with anti-fog, it offers a clean and sober design that flawlessly showcases your product

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Antifog packaging

This crystal clear rectangular container maximises shelf space.

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Salad container

Flawlessly displaying your product, this two-component packaging system offer versatility

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Out containers

This line of polystyrene foam plates and bowls made of 25% recycled content

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Polystyrene foam plates and bowls

Northbox™ container keeps cool up to 2 days and is designed for parcel e-shipping

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New generation of four cup carriers boasts an innovative design with outstanding cup holding performance

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Four cup

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Meat counter and frozen foods

Cascades foam meat trays and frozen-food containers are at the cutting edge of food-packaging technology. Available in plastic, paperboard or polystyrene, Cascades’ packaging products are the number-one choice for many grocery stores' butcher and deli counters!

EVOK is the first polystyrene food tray in North America made with 25 %recycled material.

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Polystyrene Foam Meat

This whole chicken tray features an integrated flap that immobilises the chicken’s legs

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Whole chicken tray

The absorbent pads allowing for absorption and liquids retention.

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Pro-Zorb absorbent pads

Customized pizza box for delivery/take away, flexo corrugated box,carton box

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Customized<br>pizza box

Produce aisles

Cascades packaging ensures stores' fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs are presented with the utmost care. Learn more about our specialty plastic, polystyrene and paperboard containers, such as the vented container for tomatoes and our mushroom tills.

These crystal-clear containers are round in shape and used for bulk or prepared foods.

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This fresh produce container stand out, perform in addition to be recyclable.

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Containing leaks and vegetables

Vented ensures proper air flow to fresh produce in addition to preserving the product’s integrity.

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EVOK is the first polystyrene food tray in North America made with 25 %recycled materia

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EVOK<br> Supermarkets

Bakery and pastry counter

Show your croissants, cakes and other pastries at their finest with Cascades food packaging. Available in plastic or polystyrene, Cascades containers and foam trays are the go-to products for supermarket bakery and pastry departments.

Eko-Sens hinged lid containers with press buttons are an innovative design that promotes freshness.

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Pastry and bakery

These crystal-clear containers are round in shape and used for bulk or prepared foods

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Prepared foods with a shrink band

Available in a variety of sizes and customizable, equipped with a reclosable lid

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Benpac<br>reclosable lid

Operations and sanitary supplies (Grocery)

Because hygiene is integral to the grocery business, Cascades is proud to offer supermarkets a vast selection of sanitary and maintenance products, including hand towels, wipes, reusable cloths and dispensers.

Multi-ply high wet strength paper with superior absorbency. Its compact interfold pop-up dispensing box provides ...

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Scrim Reinforced Wiper

Made of 100% recycled fiber and certified Green Seal, UL and Green-e.

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High Capacity Bathroom Tissue

Pre-moistened towels that offer scrubbing strength to quickly remove grease, oil, ink, paint, dirt and ...

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Hand Cleaning Wet Towel Cascades

Perfect for busy restrooms, it adapts to the customer needs with 3 different settings.

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Electronic Hybrid Roll Towel Dispenser

Make jumbo savings with the largest capacity dispenser in its category. Ideal for busy places.

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Jumbo Bathroom Tissue Dispenser

Antibacterial hand towel that is strong and absorbent, that reduces bacterial contamination and germs transmission.

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Antibacterial Hand Towel Roll

Each absorbent sheet helps reduce cost and is eco-friendly; Certified Green Seal, UL and Green-e.

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1050 FT Paper Hand Towel Roll

Supports consistent quality and a more economical and hygienic dispensing experience to reduce consumption and ...

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Interfold Napkins

Strong and absorbent paper hand towel that is eco-friendly; certified Green Seal, UL and Green-e.

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600 FT Paper Hand Towel Roll

From towels to tissues and wipers to dispensers our product offering covers all bases.

Cascades PRO
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Recovery Program (Grocery)

Cascades offers a waste recovery program for grocery stores and supermarkets, for whom recycling and environmental protection are a top priority. Register for the Recovery ...PLUS program and ensure your waste is handled effectively!

The management of ALL your discarded materials for all business sectors from printers to grocers ...

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Recovery… PLUS

Through our National Accounts Division, Cascades Recovery Inc. provides retailers with a complete Recovery …PLUS ...

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Cascades Recovery Inc. Materials Management Group – A global presence.

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Cascades Recovery+ offers numerous types of containers and equipment for the recovery of your discarded ...

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Recovery Equipment<br>Containers

Cascades Recovery+ operates a complete fleet of vehicles to service any type of customer including

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