Printing houses

Our corrugated cardboard boxes are the number-one choice of printing houses looking for ecological and dependable packaging solutions. Made with recycled fibres, these products ensure your merchandise is protected through every phase of shipping and handling, from beginning to end.

This tier sheet ensures load stability between layers of unpackaged bulk products.

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Tier Sheet

This slip sheet can replace a standard pallet during handling operations.

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Slip Sheet

100% recycled-fibre paperboard for manufacturing core stock, folding boxes, partitions, etc.

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Uncoated Recycled Board (URB)

These boxes provide maximum resistance to lateral impacts and vertical loads.

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Moving Boxes

Publishing houses

For high-durability, custom book and binding board, the publishing world turns to Cascades. FSC‑certified, recycled, our Multiboard products provide maximum durability for all sorts of books and ring-binders.

A full range of superior-quality graphic board for book binding and laminated board for binders, ...

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Book and binding recycled board

Recovery program (Printing)

Thanks to Cascades, the graphic design and publishing industries have access to advantageous solutions for the collection, recycling and management of their waste materials as well as a secure document‑shredding service. Recovery ...PLUS is there to help every step of the way, from prepress to product shipping!

The management of ALL your discarded materials for all business sectors from printers to grocers ...

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Recovery… PLUS

Specialized recyclable material recovery program for the printing/packaging & converting industries

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Recovery graphics

Cascades Recovery+ offers numerous types of containers and equipment for the recovery of your discarded ...

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Recovery Equipment<br>Containers

Cascades Recovery+ operates a complete fleet of vehicles to service any type of customer including

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