Daycares and seniors residences

Provides quality, durability and absorption, adding an at-home soft touch experience.

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Cube Box Facial Tissue

Combine premium performance and quality to clean up tough messes. It offers superior strength and ...

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Kitchen Roll Towel, 72 sheets

Eliminate any cross-contamination with this single sheet dispensing system. Helps reduce labor cost and consumption.

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Mechanical No-Touch Roll Towel Dispenser

Strong and absorbent roll towels to effectively reduce the spread of germs

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775 FT Paper Hand Towel Roll

Towels for Tandem® offer premium quality paper towels to reduce bacteria during handwashing

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Roll Towels for Tandem 775'

Don't compromise on environmental and price with this 100% recycled fiber bath tissue; Certified Green ...

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Latte High Capacity Bathroom Tissue

Perfect for small area clean-ups with low-traffic and limited space for a maximum hygiene. This ...

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Universal Bathroom Tissue Dispenser

Each absorbent sheet helps reduce cost and is eco-friendly; Certified Green Seal, UL and Green-e.

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1050 FT Paper Hand Towel Roll

Affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly bath tissue solution. Composed of 100% recycled fibers.

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Standard Bathroom Tissue, 2 ply

From towels to tissues and wipers to dispensers our product offering covers all bases.

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