Moving services

Protective packaging is vital to the moving services industry. For the safe transportation, handling and storage of your customers’ property, trust Cascades corrugated paperboard products, which include boxes, shipping tubes, custom boxes and laydown wardrobe boxes.

These boxes provide maximum resistance to lateral impacts and vertical loads.

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Moving Boxes

These boxes come in regular, die cut, pre-printed and bulk formats.

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Corrugated Boxes

Protective packaging

When it comes to transportation and handling, Cascades protective packaging products are unrivalled. For oversized or fragile items like automotive parts, furniture and farm produce, our boxes and components made from corrugated and honeycomb paperboard are as strong as they are green!

This custom-sized honeycomb paperboard is a light, environmentally friendly protective material.

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Honeycomb Protective Packaging

This custom-sized honeycomb paperboard is a light, environmentally friendly protective material.

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Flexicomb ® protective packaging

Provides shock-resistant protection. Innovative packaging systems designed to protect fragile items

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Protective Packaging

Cascades EVOK Seperator provides versatile, moisture-resistant and optimized handling for all your packaging needs.

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Transportation and logistics

Cascades provides load-securement and load-stabilization supplies specially designed for the transportation and logistics industry. Our offer includes expandable and rigid void fillers, wall protectors, risers, buffer pads, cradles, anti-skid mats, and more... all made from recycled and recyclable paperboard!

The Technicomb® pallet is light, 100% recyclable and eliminates the risk of contamination.

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Technicomb® - Paper Pallet

This tier sheet ensures load stability between layers of unpackaged bulk products.

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Tier Sheet

This slip sheet can replace a standard pallet during handling operations.

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Slip Sheet

The protective packing components stabilize the load during shipping

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Honeycomb Stacking System

L- or U-shaped protection for the corners and edges of a load.

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Cardboard corner and channel

These wedging products stabilize the load during shipment of pallets and rolls.

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Honeycomb Load Securement

Recovery program (Transportation and moving)

The transportation and moving industries generate a considerable amount of waste. Cascades Recovery+ enables you to manage this waste effectively with its Recovery ...PLUS® program. A recycling-industry leader, Cascades also proposes a secure shredding service for your confidential records.

From basic bins to comprehensive collection equipment, we have the right solutio.

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Recycling  services

Maximizing recovery and minimizing waste.

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Our Solutions

We have expertise in many aspects of the supply chain.

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Buyer & Broker

Visit the Cascades Recovery+ website to find out more about our services and solutions.

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All Services and solutions

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