Box manufacturers

Cascades is the supplier of choice for box manufacturers since we offer a complete range of green packaging solutions to meet all of their needs under one roof: containerboard, corrugating medium, linerboard, coated and uncoated paperboard, laminated paperboard… In short, one would be hard-pressed to find a better selection anywhere else!

Corrugating medium makes up the inner layer of the board, making it strong and resistant.

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Corrugating Medium

Makes up the outer sides of corrugated products and provides resistance to vertical loads.

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100% recycled-fibre paperboard for manufacturing core stock, folding boxes, partitions, etc.

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Uncoated Recycled Board (URB)

These boxes come in regular, die cut, pre-printed and bulk formats.

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Corrugated Boxes

The perfect packaging for delivering essential products for daily life to the marketplace.

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Household Goods

These boxes provide maximum resistance to lateral impacts and vertical loads.

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Moving Boxes

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