Big-box retailers

Cascades products are prominently displayed on the shelves of big-box stores. Known for their environmentally friendly properties, our paper towels, bathroom tissue, facial tissues and even our Plastichange coin wrappers are made from recycled material.

Boxes with a balance of structural integrity and attractive graphics that maximize shelf appeal. 

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Dry Foods

This tier sheet ensures load stability between layers of unpackaged bulk products.

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Tier Sheet

The Technicomb® pallet is light, 100% recyclable and eliminates the risk of contamination.

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Technicomb® - Paper Pallet

This slip sheet can replace a standard pallet during handling operations.

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Slip Sheet

This container is designed to reduce food freezing times through expedited thermal transfer.

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Polar Container rapid freezing

This insulated box is an environmentally friendly solution for shipping temperature-sensitive products.

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Insulated shipping container

These boxes come in regular, die cut, pre-printed and bulk formats.

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Corrugated Boxes

This large-capacity container is designed for severe storage conditions.

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Extreme Bulk - Storage Container

A full range of displays, shelf ready and retail product packaging

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Recovery program (retailers)

From the office and the lunchroom, to the warehouse and the receiving area, Cascades Recovery and its Recovery ...PLUS® program help retailers see to the effective collection, recycling and management of their waste. In addition, Cascades offers a secure document-shredding service.

From basic bins to comprehensive collection equipment, we have the right solutio.

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Recycling  services

Our experience in the industry has led us to develop programs which deliver cost savings.

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Maximizing recovery and minimizing waste.

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Our Solutions

Visit the Cascades Recovery+ website to find out more about our services and solutions.

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All Services and solutions

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