Corrugated Board (containers)

Cascades offers a wide range of papers that allows us to create a multitude of combinations to obtain the desired type of corrugated product. We manufacture made-to-measure single, double and triple wall products to meet the specific needs of each customer and project.

Boxes with or without a waxed coating designed to package, protect and promote refrigerated products.

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Waterproof Coated Boxes

This insulated box is an environmentally friendly solution for shipping temperature-sensitive products.

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Insulated shipping container

These boxes come in regular, die cut, pre-printed and bulk formats.

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Corrugated Boxes

A full range of displays, shelf ready and retail product packaging

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Displays and retail product packaging

These boxes provide maximum resistance to lateral impacts and vertical loads.

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Moving Boxes

Laminated Paperboard (containers)

Lamination is the process of assembling a multilayered construction of paper or cardboard that offers a variety of options including stiffness, thickness, resistance to water, printing capabilities, etc. These containers are designed for extreme storage conditions or high-pressure water jets.

This container is designed to reduce food freezing times through expedited thermal transfer.

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Polar Container rapid freezing

This container is submersible and resistant to high-pressure water jets.

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Extreme H2O - Waterproof

This large-capacity container is designed for severe storage conditions.

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Extreme Bulk - Storage Container

Our state-of-the-art press offers 6-colour printing with Aqueous, UV and specialty coatings.

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Containerboard (containers)

The corrugating medium and linerboard qualities may vary depending on the desired use. These papers are also available in a range of thicknesses categorized by basis weights. The type of linerboard is chosen in accordance with the desired surface smoothness or final degree of rigidity.

Corrugating medium makes up the inner layer of the board, making it strong and resistant.

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Corrugating Medium

Makes up the outer sides of corrugated products and provides resistance to vertical loads.

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This paperboard offers stifness and flexibility, making it perfect for folding boxes.

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Folding Box Grade

Moulded pulp

Our cup holders and egg trays are made of 100% recycled fiber. With their deep cavities, these transport products are the safest.

These egg filler flats are designed for use with high or regular speed denesting equipment

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Egg filler flats

New generation of four cup carriers boasts an innovative design with outstanding cup holding performance

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Four cup

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