Bathroom Tissue

Cascades PRO™ bathroom tissue covers all bases, providing the ideal blend of strength, softness and quality. Optimal for restrooms in areas such as cafeterias, classrooms and maintenance shops.

Made of 100% recycled fiber and certified Green Seal, UL and Green-e.

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High Capacity Bathroom Tissue

Don't compromise on environmental and price with this 100% recycled fiber bath tissue; Certified Green ...

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Latte High Capacity Bathroom Tissue

Feel clean with this 2-plys, 100% recycled fiber bath tissue; certified Green Seal, UL and ...

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Jumbo Roll Bathroom Tissue for Cascades PRO Tandem™

Affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly bath tissue solution. Composed of 100% recycled fibers.

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Standard Bathroom Tissue, 2 ply

Visit the Cascades PROMC website to find out more about our range of bathroom tissues.

Bathroom tissue
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