Paper hand Towels

Cascades PRO™ paper hand towels are the practical choice to dry your hands quickly and efficiently. Ideal for use across education, industrial and foodservice markets.

Strong and absorbent roll towels to effectively reduce the spread of germs

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775 FT Paper Hand Towel Roll

Towels for Tandem® offer premium quality paper towels to reduce bacteria during handwashing

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Roll Towels for Tandem 775'

Each absorbent sheet helps reduce cost and is eco-friendly; Certified Green Seal, UL and Green-e.

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1050 FT Paper Hand Towel Roll

Strong and absorbent paper hand towel that is eco-friendly; certified Green Seal, UL and Green-e.

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600 FT Paper Hand Towel Roll

Visit the Cascades PROMC website to find out more about our range of paper towels.

Paper hand towels
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