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This sustainable tray for fresh produce is made from 100% recycled and recyclable low-density PET (LDPET).

It is lighter than other packaging on the market, yet it provides the same performance while meeting the stringent demands of the packaging process.


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Reduced Environmental Impact

Its design maximizes its rigidity while using the least material possible; the use of recycled LDPET in its production reduces the weight of the tray.



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Optimized Operations

This tray is engineered for wrapping with stretch film, thanks to its dull edge which prevents tears and equipment breakages.


Customizable Packaging
  • Available in various sizes and colours (blue and black) and can be customized by embossing to effectively meet your specific needs
Guaranteed Compliance
  • Made from materials compliant with FDA and Health Canada requirements
  • Our facilities are SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified and meet the highest standards of the agrifood industry.
Local Manufacturing
  • This packaging solution is proudly made in Canada.

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