Cascades’ business model has significantly evolved over the years. From a manufacturer of primarily paper and cardboard, the Corporation has emerged as the largest collector of recyclable materials in Canada, as well as one of the major manufacturers of corrugated packaging products, tissue papers and innovative packaging solutions in North America. Cascades also holds close to 58% interest in the Italian company Reno de Medici SpA.

In fact, Cascades is an integrated company, both upstream and downstream. Forming a continuous loop, it can offer its customers a full range of converted products, as well as on-site pick-up of recyclable materials.

Cascades’ success relies on men and women who share a common goal, vision and philosophy. In this section, get to know the leaders who contribute daily to the Corporation’s development, and learn more about its internal structure and principal sectors of activity.


Cascades at a Glance

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