Tissue Group

A well-known North American tissue manufacturing and conversion company, Cascades produces paper hand towels, paper towels, bathroom tissue, facial tissue, napkins and wipers, and also designs dispensers for its tissue products. Its wide range of finished products are available to the consumer market (under the brand Cascades® and other private brands) and the professional market (under the brands Cascades PRO Signature™, Cascades PRO Perform™, Cascades PRO Select™, Cascades PRO Tandem™, Cascades PRO Tuff-Job™).

Known for its strong environmental practices, Cascades offers a complete range of products that are made from recycled fibers and certified by tierce parties including: UL/EcoLogo, Green Seal and Green-e®.* In addition to being compostable and biodegradable, environmentally friendly Cascades products are made with less water than the Canadian industry average.

Cascades has consolidated its positioning in the tissue products sector by becoming the first company in North America to invest in Voith’s ATMOS system. This equipment enables Cascades to manufacture a higher quality product and reduce its ecological footprint.

Today, Cascades is the fourth largest tissue paper manufacturer in North America. The Tissue Group employs 2,200 people at its 21 manufacturing and conversion plants in Canada and the United States.
Cascades PRO is also the second largest Canadian manufacturer in the professional market. The Group sets itself apart with its Cascades PRO Perform™ line of products that exceed the most stringent environmental standards in addition to being certified by recognized third parties.

Cascades innovates with its offering of unique, value-added products, including Cascades PRO Perform™ moka bath tissue, the antibacterial hand towels and high-quality TADe (through-air-drying equivalent) tissue papers.

*Certain exceptions apply.

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