Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Cascades Code of Ethics sets out the principles that govern the behavior of its managers, employees, directors and consultants vis-à-vis towards its customers, suppliers, partners and the communities in which it operates. The Code is based on the values and philosophy of Cascades, which have contributed to its success since 1964.

The current and authoritative version was revised not only with a view to comply with all applicable legislation, but also to preserve our enviable reputation, which constitutes an important asset and which rests on the exemplary conduct of each of us.

How to report

Cascades wishes to promote a culture of integrity and transparency and, to this end, provides its employees and members of the pubic with a confidential and anonymous reporting mechanism. This allows them to report any violation or breach of the Code of Ethics.


To reach the third-party confidential ethics telephone line, dial 1-877-938-3917 in Canada or the US. Interview specialists are available to take your call.


To report any violation or breach of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct using an online tool, follow this link to the secure website of Clearview Connects, an independent third-party service provider. 

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