Among the underlying values that make up Cascades’ philosophy, six have been singled out as attributes essential to any potential candidate wishing to join our ranks. All our employees share these fundamental values and put them into practice on a daily basis. These values are:


Respect is at the heart of Cascades' philosophy, and is intimately linked to the Corporation's success. An employee who feels respected develops a sense of belonging and pride. This living culture translates into concrete actions, starting with the management style, the approach to employee negotiations, information meetings and ongoing efforts to ensure a positive work environment. Respect also extends to the communities where Cascades operates.

All Cascades employees:

  • Consider their colleagues as partners
  • Demonstrate empathy towards their partners
  • Treat their partners with consideration, diplomacy and humility

Team Work

At Cascades, employees enjoy a collegial and consultative work environment. Teamwork is the basis for the development of business strategies at Cascades, with each team member sharing his or her unique experience and expertise. Managers make regular visits to the production floor, working together with employees to find solutions when needed. In the spirit of cooperation, employees from different regions communicate on a regular basis, sharing advice, orientations and ideas. These networks ultimately facilitate and enrich everyone's work.

To promote teamwork, each employee:

  • Cooperates in good faith and adopts a positive attitude to reach team objectives
  • Accepts differences and encourages participation of all team members
  • Acknowledges each individual’s contribution
  • Demonstrates solidarity with team decisions


In a spirit of mutual trust and within acceptable limits, each employee strives to achieve the Corporation’s goals with a minimum of supervision. Managers have the freedom necessary to make this fundamental quality the engine that drives them on a daily basis. Supported, encouraged, given responsibility rather than being controlled, employees are entrusted to act in the best interest of Cascades, as if they were running their own business.

Cascades firmly believes that success lies first and foremost in the hands of its employees, tolerance is nothing less than a fundamental quality. Cascades believes that mistakes are part of the learning process, and that tolerance is essential to a team’s overall development. To develop autonomy, an employee must try, even at the risk of being wrong. For Cascades, the most powerful motivator is responsibility, which also leads to commitment and a sense of accomplishment. This sense of belonging motivates people to do what needs to be done, rather than mechanically following a job description.

All Cascaders must:

  • Make good use of the flexibility they are granted and demonstrate rigor
  • Focus on objectives and achieve goals with minimum supervision
  • Be able to work alone when necessary, make decisions and assume the consequences


Cascades employees are open-minded and possess the ability to adapt their work methods as needed. Thanks to these qualities, Cascades is able to rise to meet new challenges. The Corporation's structure also provides the flexibility necessary to take advantage of this synergy.

All Cascades employees:

  • Are able to deal with unexpected and ambiguous situations
  • Are able to modify their working methods and pace to cope with changes in expectations and deadlines
  • Work well with others, and know to compromise to accomodate suggestions or other constraints


A forerunner of the innovative spirit that is central to Cascades, innovation is a key value that constantly pushes Cascades boundaries. Proactive and enterprising, Cascaders propose, initiate and organize new ways of doing things and do not hesitate to get involved when needed. They are often in the best position to evaluate needs and let their intuition guide them towards a solution.

All employees:

  • Propose, initiate or organize new activities and ways of doing things
  • Commit to the task at hand and work with enthusiasm and energy
  • Are proactive and demonstrate effective self-management skills


Cascades believes in the equality of individuals, and favours negotiation rather than imposition. Its open door policy ensures that information is shared openly and honestly. Managers strive for transparency, discussing business matters openly without excluding co-workers. This is living proof of the trust they place in their employees in regard to confidentiality and professionalism.

The Corporation’s simple hierarchy allows for flexibility and adaptability. Management is accessible, working relationships are open and information circulates freely across all levels.

At work, all employees:

  • Are transparent in their daily activities
  • Express their ideas and opinions in a structured and constructive way
  • Listen attentively and ensure that others understand
  • Provide an effective feedback

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