2016-2020 Sustainable Development Plan

Since 2010, Cascades has worked tirelessly to reduce its environmental footprint through sustainable development targets.


Ambitious Targets for 2020

In order to do more for the planet, for prosperity and for our partners, Cascades is currently working on a third sustainable development plan with 10 objectives for 2016–2020.

pdf-responsabilites-presidents-comites-ca-cascades 2016-2020 Sustainable Development Plan (3.2 Mo)


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Tracking of 2020 Objectives

For the annual follow-up of the 2016–2020 Sustainable Development Plan, take a look at our interactive report, which provides an overview of our progress for each action priority.

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To reduce its environmental impact, Cascades is deploying innovative initiatives on all fronts.


Cascades focuses on the growth of its employees and the communities where it operates.

Message from Management

At Cascades, our sustainable development efforts are solidly supported by our leaders.

Policies and Commitments

Our company has clear policies that guide its commitment to the planet and our communities.