Environmentally responsible transportation

Since its creation in 1964, Cascades Transport Inc. has taken a proactive approach to business, with the integration of numerous environmental measures. Today, its energy efficiency requirements surpass even industry standards. The company regularly validates and improves its vehicle purchasing standards. The trucks at Cascades' transportation division have a unique aerodynamic design and are equipped with auxiliary heating systems, single tires and disc brakes. Single tires and aerodynamic side skirts have also been installed on the trailers. These features deliver fuel savings of approximately 10%.

Cascades meets its delivery requirements with a fleet of 130 trucks and close to 800 trailers. Employees have access to some 20 vehicles for business travel. Numerous measures have been implemented to reduce the vehicles' fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Here are some examples.


  • Preventive maintenance every 12 000 km helps reduce breakage.
  • Recovery programs are in place for oils, used filters, metal, plastic, rubber,
    batteries, paints and solvents.
  • Valve adjustments are performed yearly, which is twice as often as prescribed by industry standards.

Trucks and trailers

  • Pilot project: after a successful initial trial run, Cascades is working to develop a prototype of an improved aerodynamic tractor-trailer.
  • Auxiliary heating and air conditioning systems in the cabins are being tested.
  • The new trucks are equipped with EGR technology, which meets 2007 and 2010 EPA standards, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The new trucks and trailers have single tires, which reduce energy loss due to friction, and disc brakes for quicker and safer braking.
  • Computer devices that limit idling time to four minutes have been installed.
  • More than 300 trailers are equipped with aerodynamic side skirts, which are standard at Cascades Transport Inc. Data has shown an average savings of 5% in fuel consumption for two- and three-axle trailers.
  • Testing of new, longer aerodynamic side skirts along the entire length of the trailer reduces turbulence during operation and has less effect on nearby cars.
  • The use of three- and four-axle trailers for shipping heavy cargo such as paper rolls reduces emissions per tonne-kilometre of cargo transported.
  • The use of flatbed trailers increases the volume of light cargo shipped.
  • Five permits for road trains with double trailers have been obtained, which doubles the transportation capacity.
  • New trailer floors made of recycled plastic offer superior strength and durability compared with wood floors.
  • Incentives are provided for customers who receive deliveries during off-peak hours.

Driver awareness and training

  • Personnel is trained in keeping upgraded mechanical systems and new equipment such as EGR motors and new transmissions in optimal condition.
  • Driving habits are monitored by onboard computers. Performance reports are published monthly.
  • Incentives reward drivers who reach fuel-saving objectives.
  • Drivers receive training on simulators in energy efficient and preventive winter driving.

Rental vehicles

  • Energy efficient hybrid, electric and low fuel-consumption vehicles are now part of the rental fleet. Two electric charging stations have been installed in Kingsey Falls, and one at Norampac's head office in Saint-Bruno.

Employee travel and parcel delivery

  • A carpool service is available on the Cascades intranet site. Employees are encouraged to register with the service when travelling for business purposes.
  • Limits have been imposed on mail-outs, pairing them with employee travel.
  • A three-wheeled bicycle is being used to deliver material in the plants, replacing propane-fueled service vehicles and forklifts.
  • Parking spots have been reserved for motorcycles, carpool vehicles and energy efficient vehicles, and bike racks have been added to encourage active and green transportation.
  • A shuttle service for up to 17 employees is operating Monday to Friday between Kingsey Falls and Montreal's South Shore.

Cascades Transport Inc. – innovation and recognition

  • Cascades Transport Inc. is a member of PIT (Performance Innovation Transport), a group of carriers which shares ideas for improved energy efficiency. PIT came into existence during a meeting at Cascades’ Head Office in Kingsey Falls.
  • A partnership was formed with the Université Laval to design an aerodynamic trailer.
  • Since 2006, Cascades Transport Inc. has been a member of Smartway, a U.S. federal agency that works to reduce transportation-related emissions.
  • Cascades Transport Inc. has been involved with Energotest since 2007. On-road testing allows us to experiment with various energy efficient components and to validate results obtained through in-house testing.
  • 2007: Received an Airpur award presented by the Association des mandataires en vérification mécanique du Québec.
  • 2008: Won an Énergia award in the Technological Innovation category for its work with Energotest, presented by the Association québécoise de la maîtrise de l’énergie.
  • 2009: Won an Énergia award in the Transportation category for the installation of aerodynamic trailer side skirts, presented by the Association québécoise de la maîtrise de l’énergie. 
  • 2014: Won an Énergia award in the Transportation category for its energy policy, presented by the Association québécoise de la maîtrise de l’énergie. 

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