Vice-president Sales -
Cascades Tissue Group

Sandra Hudon is vice-president sales for Cascades Tissue Groupe. Dedicated, meticulous and conscientious, she has always carried out her functions in the company’s best interests, as if it was her own.

Sandra has held a variety of positions at Cascades. She fi rst began as a sales and marketing representative at Plastiques Cascades. Then her territory expanded, taking responsibility for brokers management, and became sales manager for Cascades Inopak and later for Cascades Moulded Pulp. In 2010 she took up her current position as Vice-President Sales, North America for Cascades PRO.

How would you describe your position?

Every day is different as I am frequently handling issues that arise! I deal with everything from production, marketing, supply chain, customer service, fi nance, HR and sales. I conclude many contract negotiations with clients. Although my team does a good part of the face to face meetings with clients, I am also involved regularly.  My primary function though: to determine sales strategies, that align with the companies objectives and goals,  to generate profi table sales with key clients.

How did you succeed in establishing yourself in a maledominated environment?

I made sure that I knew my stuff. Knowledge is power. If you use it correctly you gain an enormous amount of respect. I have never truly felt like a woman in a male-dominated environment. There have been moments, sure, but the people I have crossed paths with throughout my career have respected me and, I believe, trusted me. You need both those things to succeed—as a male or female.

What are the greatest lessons you have learned?

I would say the greatest lesson is that no matter what position you hold, no matter how hard you work, nothing matters more than your family.

Have you always dreamed of having such responsibilities?

I’ve always wanted to be a successful person with the ability to support myself, and my family, well. I saw how hard my mom and dad worked; I saw my brother become a high-powered executive; and I saw my sister become an unbelievably successful business owner. I wanted to be like them, I wanted to follow in their paths.

What perceptions would you like to change?

Women can be just as tough, and sometimes even tougher, than men. There are still existing stereotypes and impressions about a strong, determined, and capable woman. This needs to stop.

What would you say to women who wish to fill management positions or positions of greater responsibility?

Work hard and smart. Be curious, ask questions and get involved. Expand your knowledge outside of your responsibilities. Be fair and care about your team—they are critical to the company’s success.


“Sandra is extremely dedicated to Cascades! She is detail oriented and does not cut corners. She incites us to assess all aspects of a situation, and up the ante. It’s very stimulating! She has very collegial relationships with her co-workers. She is open and let me work independently.”

Danièle Séguin, Generale Sales Director - Cascades Tissue Group