Selection criteria and exclusions

Each new donation or sponsorship application is forwarded to a decision-making committee made up of Cascades managers and employees. In arriving at a decision, the committee takes into account Cascades’ selection criteria, exclusions and preferred sectors, as well as budget limits, current commitments and company priorities.

Before submitting an application, please acquaint yourself with the information below.

You can also complete the short eligibility survey to find out if your application can be submitted to the decision-making committee.

Cascades’ preferred sectors

Cascades supports a variety of projects and events that fall under one of the following preferred sectors:

•    Sustainable development
•    Education and entrepreneurship
•    Amateur sport and physical activity in general
•    Socio-community setting



Cascades recognizes that all causes and all projects have valid reasons for being and can be of interest to specific groups. However, the company does not accept the following types of applications:

  • Supports only one person (unless these people are specific athletes supported by Cascades);
  • Not in line with Cascades' values;
  • Involves ticket sales by Cascades employees;
  • Originates in regions where Cascades does not operate;
  • Submitted less than two months before the event is to be held;
  • Submitted as circular letters;
  • Supports political or lobby groups;
  • Supports religious groups;
  • Supports professional sports teams.

Other selection criteria

Environmental awareness

The applicant must demonstrate an interest in an environmental cause and propose a series of measures to use for furthering this cause.

Local communities and target clientele

In choosing its investments, Cascades is aware of its contribution to the communities in which it operates and supports its employees.

Each investment—in the form of a donation or sponsorship—must provide Cascades with a certain amount of visibility with at least one of its target clienteles:

•    Consumers and potential consumers of Cascades products;
•    Cascades employees and potential employees;
•    Families;
•    Business people having a professional relationship with Cascades;
•    Interest groups that share Cascades’ values and philosophy;
•    The media.

Promotion of Cascades products

Cascades gives priority to projects and events that promote the use of its products and publicize its activities, innovations and environmental efforts. Thus, the company's contributions can be made in the form of goods and services.


The project or event must contribute to enhancing Cascades' good reputation and to making its activities and products better known by the public. Visibility must be maximized using various communications tools, such as publicity and press relations.

The broader the scope of the project or event (e.g. national scope), the more consideration it will be given by Cascades. The project or event must have a positive, credible image and must have an excellent reputation. Moreover, the applicant must have good organizational skills.



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