Well-being, Health and Safety at Cascades

Well-being, Health and Safety at Cascades

The Health and Safety Department is located at Cascades’ head office in Kingsey Falls. Management is assisted by a team of seven coordinators, who see to the application of Cascades’ corporate directions regarding occupational health and safety (OHS) in all the groups' operating units. The Health and Safety Department works in collaboration with Cascades' Health Department, which mainly looks after the well-being of company employees.

Health and Safety Department

Since respect for the individual is a core value at Cascades, management has established clear practices in regard to OHS. The department's objectives are supported by a comprehensive action plan tailored to each of the company's production units. The overall process involves replacing systems and procedures, and developing training programs and result control procedures in a context of integrated OHS management. This major change, which started early in the new millennium, has resulted in a constant decrease in the frequency and severity of accidents at Cascades.


  Units 2011 2012 2013  2014 
Lost time frequency rate (OSHA) Per 200,000 hours worked 4.3 3.8 3.2 3.3
Fatality   0 1 0 0


Empowerment of Managers

In 2006, Cascades established new OHS directions, which gave increased responsibility to managers in all categories. Managers were assigned specific tasks subject to regular follow-up and for which compensation was based on reaching set objectives. The plan was a success: 88% of managers, from group presidents to floor supervisors, achieved the desired results, with 5% even managing to exceed them. These results demonstrate just how serious Cascades is about health and safety, and how committed it is to continually improving in this area.

Machine Safety Intervention Service

Thanks to Cascades CIP, Cascades can now count on a new machine safety intervention service for all of its plants. Made up primarily of engineers, this safety intervention service focuses on designing and installing safety solutions in the plant for equipment that poses a threat to the health and safety of employees. Implementation of this innovative service confirms Cascades’ leadership in regard to making paper machines safer.

Health Department

A forerunner in its area, Cascades’ Health Department is made up of a full-time physical educator and occupational health nurse. Health Department activities primarily focus on the 1 200 employees at the Kingsey Falls industrial complex.

In addition to providing support for the Health and Safety Department, especially through health and safety days in the plants, the Health Department team promotes a healthy lifestyle among Cascades employees. It is behind a number of measures and activities that are now part of employees' daily lives, and that help make Kingsey Falls a great place to live. 


Special Programs and Measures

The Health Department is proud to contribute to the integration of health and well-being into the daily lives of Cascades employees. Its achievements include guides and monthly employee newsletters, as well as exercise programs for employees with special working conditions. Organized by the physical educator, incentive programs and various initiatives encourage employees to get out and get active.

The Health Department is also involved in the fight against tobacco use: the Kingsey Falls industrial complex is now smoke-free, and employees looking to stop smoking are assisted in their efforts, through the reimbursement of the cost of professional help to reach their goal.



Two-time winner of the Altius Award granted by the Quebec Heart & Stroke Foundation, the Health Department organizes contests to encourage employees to get active and adopt better lifestyle habits. Always ahead of its time, the Department has been organizing this kind of contest since the early 1990s. Past contests include "Lose a Ton by Christmas," "When the Heart Is Well, All Is Well," and “Healthy from Head to Toe." Many employees participate in Health Department contests and benefit from the positive long-term effects.

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