Since skills development has always been a priority at Cascades, large sums are invested every year to enhance the skills and knowledge of our employees. In 2015 alone, our training investments totaled $11.8 million.


Continuing Education and Training

To help employees reach their full career potential, Cascades provides access to continuing education and training programs that meet the specific needs of each individual, and may include working with a mentor. Employees also have access to scholarships and leave development.

Training Centre

Renamed the Alain-Lemaire Skills Development Centre in 2007 to honour its ten years of existence, Cascades' training centre offers training programs for everyone, from plant employees to managers to office staff.

Cascades created the Alain-Lemaire Skills Development Centre to establish a solid foundation for the Corporation’s future growth and to ensure an ever-increasing level of qualifications and skills amongst its employees.

Located in the heart of a maple orchard near Kingsey Falls, the Skills Development Centre can accomodate up to 125 employees, who enjoy the charming setting while participating in training sessions, meetings and workshops.

In addition to running the Alain-Lemaire Skills Development Centre, the Cascades Training Department is active in a number of regions and offers training and workshops throughout North America. The Training Department strives to assist the Corporation in meeting its business objectives by providing employee training in keeping with its values.

Partnerships with Educational Institutions

Cascades has formed partnerships with various educational institutions as a means of providing employees with opportunities to develop new skills. These institutions regularly offer programs adapted to our employees’ specific needs.

Internal Promotions

Cascades makes a point of promoting internal advancement for employees who show the ability and the desire to take on new responsibilities. Each new position or job vacancy is first posted internally. The annual assessment program allows employees and supervisors to discuss the employees' short-, medium- and long-term occupational goals. This is also an opportunity for employees to request to work abroad in another business unit or in another employment sector.

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