In many ways, especially in terms of profit sharing, Cascades has been a pioneer, and its innovative practices are frequently cited in example in universities and management schools. The numerous accolades and distinctions bestowed on it over the years pay tribute to Cascades' leadership role in regard to human relations.


Flexible Benefits

Our benefits program includes supplemental pension plans, a comprehensive group insurance plan, a share purchase plan, an attractive vacation plan, scholarships for employees' children, discounts on sports memberships, and continuing education and training allowances. This clearly illustrates how the respect we have for our employees carries over into all areas of work.

Profit-Sharing Plan

All members of our company are considered partners, and receive part of the profits generated by their business unit. In 2015, employees received $52 million in appreciation for their contribution to the Corporation's success.

Equitable Compensation

We value the efforts and energy that our employees invest in Cascades. Through regular evaluations, our employees benefit from equitable compensation that encourages initiative and entrepreneurship.

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