Consider the product life cycle to reduce the environmental footprint.

Consider the product life cycle to reduce the environmental footprint.


More than 90 years of family business located in New Jersey, specializes in the online sale of premium nuts, coffee, chocolate and other delicacies. At the heart of the organization’s values is the ambition to contribute positively to its community and its environment.'s challenge

During the summer, some of the products require delivery in a temperature-controlled shipping box. For these shipments, the company used polystyrene panels that their team inserted into the box. In addition to being laborious to assemble, the non-recyclability of the insulation became a part of the product that went against the values of and those of its customers. 

The solution

The team has been busy analyzing more environmentally friendly alternatives, including the compostable cornstarch mat and insulation made from Cascades’ recycled and recyclable cardboard. At comparable performance, decided on the solution that seemed to them more eco-responsible, that is, a recyclable insulation.

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“Industrial composting is not accessible to all households and there were concerns that the corn liner would end up in the waste. With Cascades northbox® insulation, we know that the product has already had a life, that it will be recycled and be transformed again.”

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They also adopted the northbox®.