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Cascades is first and foremost a story about family: the one we have written with our 10,000 Cascaders.

We Are Cascades

Cascades’ founders and employees share their experiences working for the company, from its very beginning 60 years ago to today. Through these heartfelt testimonials, learn about Cascades’ values, philosophy and unique management model, which make it a people-centred company with a rich past and a bright future.


logo-rouleau-cascadesWorking at Cascades

Andree-Anne Bettez - Employe Cascades

Andrée-Anne Bettez

Sector Director of Finance – Cascades Containerboard Packaging

“Cascades is like one big happy family. When I first started, I was surrounded by people who took me under their wing and believed in me. That is tremendously helpful in building self-confidence.”

cascades centraide 2023

Employees with Big Hearts

The Cascades units in Kingsey Falls, Victoriaville and Drummondville once again showed remarkable generosity this year by donating $604,191 to Centraide. Over the past five years, more than $3 million has been donated by the company and its employees to ensure that the organizations in the Centraide local network have adequate resources to pursue their missions.

Our Campaign (in French only)

Dedicated Cascaders and their families leave Québec for Virginia

Mathieu Gendron, Mathieu Fournier, Patrick Laroche and Yan Veillette left Quebec in the summer of 2021 with their spouses and children to settle in Virginia, where they are working on one of the most important projects in Cascades' history: the conversion of the Bear Island mill.

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Jacinthe Langlade

Production Supervisor

“Since I joined Cascades in 2020, I’ve been proud to make a difference for the environment and to take part in the ongoing development of our products.”


Philippe Hamel

Back Tender

“For us, Cascades is a family story, from generation to generation. We’re natives of Kingsey Falls, and all my family members have worked there. My great-grandfather and my grandfather Dédé even worked for Dominion Paper Cie before the Lemaire brothers bought it. I’ve also had the good fortune of working with my dad, uncles and brother at the same plant. In any case, the topic of conversation at family dinners is often Cascades and the paper machine.”


Pia-Maria Dorcal

Sales Representative

“The moment I joined Cascades in 2000, people trusted me and my opinion was taken into consideration, even though I had very little experience. This really boosted my self-confidence and I was able to take on greater and greater challenges! I’m proud to be able to work for a company that, first and foremost, is local and that has made its mark internationally.”


James Kong-Win Chang

Technical Professional

“Cascades is a people-centred company that trusts us, values the work we do and helps us grow. I’m extremely proud to work here and that is why, by participating in the launch of its new employer brand, I wanted to help attract new talent. I want to be the proof that, at Cascades, openness and respect are present.”

Sylvie Laroche, a Cascader with a Big Heart

Sylvie is a generous Cascader who is very involved in her community, mainly in raising funds for Centraide.


Annie Veilleux, Taking Care of the Environment

The variety of tasks, interpersonal relationships and problem solving are what she likes the most about her job.


Pierre Morin, a Strong Believer in OHS

A Cascader since 2001, Pierre started out as a utility worker, then a raw material buyer, later specializing in health and safety.


“Science guy” Stéphane Morasse

His thirst for knowledge drove him to do a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in physics, as well as a bachelor’s and a PhD in chemistry! His expertise is much appreciated by his team.


Natacha Houde, Engineer and Artist in her Free Time

Working in the pulp and paper industry for over 20 years, Natacha can now say that the field is part of her DNA.


Regis Arsenault, Move Up the Ladder

A native of the Gaspé Peninsula, Regis was able to count on an experienced, dedicated team when he started out as Plant Manager in Lachute. Today, it is as General Manager of Cascades Containerboard Packaging that he works.


Annie Buzzanga Has the Law in her Sights

Since the law and the business environment are continuously changing, Annie Buzzanga—a Cascader for almost 10 years now—regularly has to adapt her practice to meet day-to-day challenges.


Eric Dufour, Transportation Specialist

Juggling logistics, expenses and carrier services issues is a tall order— one that Eric Dufour, Transportation Manager for Cascades Recovery+, thrives on.



Working at Cascades

Help create a world that’s a little cleaner and a little softer, one day at a time, by joining the Cascades team.

Life at Cascades

For more than half a century, Cascades has been a people-centred company offering careers that live up to your ambitions.


Our Management Philosophy

Even in the heat of an expansion, Cascades believes in employee inclusion and a people-centred approach.