Our Supply Chain Center of Expertise (COE) is dedicated to our customers.


Relations With Our Suppliers

Through personalized and mutually beneficial partnerships, we rely on the support of our suppliers to continuously create value for our customers. Suppliers have to communicate directly with our Supply Chain Center of Expertise (COE), which centralizes all sourcing projects (RFQ, RFP) and helps optimize our supply chain.

Our sustainable supply chain

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Sourcing Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to establish and communicate Cascades’ principles and expectations regarding the sourcing of goods and services that fall under the Procurement Function’s Scope, while achieving the best overall value for Cascades through service, quality, and total cost. This Policy is complimented by clear and comprehensive guidelines related to the management and execution of the Procurement Function at Cascades.

pdf-cahier-50e-notre-histoire-cascades  Sourcing Policy  (1.7 Mo)

Sustainable Procurement Program

The objective of this program is to enable Cascades to work with suppliers who share the same values as it regards respect for the environment, respect of workers and the community responsibility for its products and services and the transparency of its governance.

Procurement Practice   

pdf-cahier-50e-notre-histoire-cascades  EcoVadis program  (1.3 Mo)


An Extensive and Optimized Network

Cascades has many plants, customers and suppliers across North America. Even though we can count on the expertise of an internal logistics division, Cascades Transport, we also need other carriers to meet all of our needs. Our logistics department makes sure to optimize the various transports, supports all operations, centralizes calls for tenders and ensures that deadlines are met.

Cascades Transport



Cascades is now certified SmartWay! The SmartWay transport partnership is a governmental free and voluntary program that helps companies to progress in terms of sustainable mobility, by measuring, comparing and improving the efficiency of freight transport. This partnership recognizes companies that set up programs to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Cascades also wishes to favor partnerships with carriers who share its values of respect for the environment.

Government of Canada   

Government of United States   

Information Materials

Supplier Information Letter

The present aims at explaining the required measures in order to do business with Cascades and its Shared Services Center (SSC)

pdf-cahier-50e-notre-histoire-cascades  Supplier information letter (0.9 Mo)

Credit Reference Policy

Cascades must comply with very high standards when it comes to disclosure and transparency regarding its financial health

pdf-cahier-50e-notre-histoire-cascades  Credit reference policy (0.2 Mo)

Invoices Submitted Electronically by Email

Order, payment and invoice process

pdf-cahier-50e-notre-histoire-cascades  Invoices submitted (0.4 Mo)

Convenience and Specialty Chemicals

Cascades' New Governance for Chemicals

Cascades’ new governance in supply of convenience and specialty chemicals.

pdf-cahier-50e-notre-histoire-cascades  Governance for chemicals
  (0.2 Mo)

Environmental and Regulatory Attestation Form

Please complete the information in the following table by indicating whether the chemical product complies with the above criteria.

pdf-cahier-50e-notre-histoire-cascades  Attestation form
  (0.2 Mo)

Tools and Applications

SAP Ariba

Cascades' new e-commerce initiative through Ariba.

pdf-cahier-50e-notre-histoire-cascades  Consult the Overview (0.2 Mo)

Surcharge Carburant

Allowance for maximum fuel surcharge Information updated daily.

Fuel surcharge

Outils pour nos fournisseurs

Tools for our suppliers

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