Sustainable Development

Our Sustainable DNA

Cascades’ mission is to “contribute to the well-being of people, communities and the planet.”

To manifest this commitment and continuously improve, the company created a sustainable development plan with ten ambitious goals for 2016–2020.

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Cascades is proud to be one of the 100 most responsible companies in the world according to Corporate Knights, ranking 17th.


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reduction in the intensity of our GHG emissions since 1990


times less water used to manufacture our products than the average in the Canadian paper industry*


times less energy used to manufacture our products than the average in the Canadian paper industry*


A Circular Company

Did you know that Cascades was a pioneer of the circular economy? The company has been demonstrating the potential of all kinds of residual materials since 1964, recycling and transforming them into new products. This logic continues to underpin our business model today.

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A Partner of the David Suzuki Foundation

Cascades is proud to partner and work with the David Suzuki Foundation to raise public awareness about environmentally responsible practices.

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Sustainable Operations

Discover how Cascades is deploying innovative initiatives on all fronts to reduce the environmental impact of its operations.


Eco-friendly Products

Cascades works hard to offer a range of innovative products, meeting the highest standards of eco-responsibility.


Climate Leadership

Understand how Cascades works for the climate by focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energy and transportation electrification.


Sustainably Managed Forests

By prioritizing recycled materials for the manufacture of its products, Cascades reduces the overall pressure on forests and other natural resources.

Cascades, A Responsible Citizen

Wanting to contribute to the development of the communities where it operates, each year Cascades makes a commitment to some 300 organizations supporting environmental and social causes. This enables it to maintain lasting partnerships in its key sectors.

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Working at Cascades

Help create a world that’s a little cleaner and a little softer, one day at a time, by joining the Cascades team.



Our Advice

After more than a half-century in the pulp and paper industry and as a sustainable development leader, Cascades has expertise and know-how to share with you.

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Our Achievements

Whether for its involvement, leadership or innovation, Cascades stands out in the industry.

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*Forest Products Association of Canada, 2019