They swear by Cascades northbox® OCEANTM!

They swear by Cascades northbox® OCEANTM!

Opercule founders

About Opercule

Founded in 2017, Opercule is a Montreal-based fish farm located in the Ahuntsic neighbourhood. David Dupaul-Chicoine and Nicolas Paquin’s exciting entrepreneurial story began in their garage, and after more than three years of refining their farming techniques, they finally moved into their current urban location. The two enthusiasts produce arctic char in an intensive water recirculation system. This method consumes 100 to 200 times less water than a traditional open circuit fish farm. The char fish is raised without antibiotics or hormones and delivery is made by electric vehicles within hours of leaving the ponds in insulated shipping container.

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Opercule's challenge

As an eco-concious company, Opercule’s co-founders, David and Nicolas, are focused on reducing its output, water, and energy consumption. At the same time, the Montreal-based company aims to encourage the local economy and find an alternative to non-recycled virgin polystyrene fish cold shipping boxes.

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The solution

The Opercule team settled on a Quebec-based solution: the insulated boxes for shipping made from recycled and recyclable cardboard; the northbox® OCEANTM from Cascades. Combined with a corrugated box with a water-based coating, it keeps the arctic char fillets fresh while being watertight. This cold shipping solution reflects the values of sustainable and local economy promoted by the company’s founders and their employees.

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David Dupaul-Chicoine Cofondateur

David Dupaul-Chicoine


“Happy to have Cascades assist us with our delivery needs with their expertise. It was important for us to find a solution in line with our values and the virgin polystyrene cooler did not fit our business model. The northbox® OCEANTM meets all our requirements: efficient, recyclable, and local. A circular economy at its full potential.”


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