About Us

Cascades offers sustainable, innovative and value-added packaging, hygiene and recovery solutions.



Because at Cascades, we believe there is always a better way of doing things:

a better way to package and protect products,

a better way to manage your residual materials;

a better way to create a cleaner world.



Every day, we take concrete steps to be responsible, be innovative and create value:

by reducing our footprint in order to make a difference,

by exploring where our imagination can take us,

to contribute to the well-being of people, communities and the planet.

Our Mission

To improve the well-being of people, communities and the planet by providing sustainable and innovative solutions that create value.

Our Vision

To be a key contributor to our customers’ success by leading the way for sustainable packaging, hygiene and recovery solutions.

Our Employees

Learn more about the Cascaders who contribute every day to our company’s success and who share our philosophy.


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Solutions for Tomorrow’s Needs

We use the hidden potential of the resources around us to offer packaging, hygiene and recovery solutions as well as services that exceed your needs.

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