A Circular Company

From the recovery of materials to their transformation into new products, Cascades closes the loop of the circular economy.


A Forward-thinking Vision

Believe it or not, our first recipes for recycled paper were tested... in the family’s kitchen blender!

Even before founding Cascades, the Lemaire family already shared a deep conviction: reuse, recover and recycle for the good of the environment and society.


million tonnes of material recovered
by Cascades Recovery+ in 2023


million metric tonnes of recovered fibre used in our products in North America in 2023


tonnes of recycled plastics
used in our packaging in 2023

What Is the Circular Economy?

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, "looking beyond the current take-make-waste extractive industrial model, a circular economy aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits. It entails gradually decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources, and designing waste out of the system”.

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Companies in the Business of Recycling

The operations of many companies depend on the materials found in recovery bins. Cascades is one of them.

By carefully sorting your recyclables, at home and at work, you’re doing your part to provide many businesses with the quality materials they need for their products. Every little bit counts!

At Cascades, recycled paper, cardboard and plastics get a second life in that they are used to make all kinds of new products.




Cascades Recovery+

As one of the largest fibre recovery company in Canada, Cascades enables its partners to move toward their environmental responsibility goals.

Its Cascades Recovery+ division specializes in residual materials by offering customized sustainable solutions.

Sustainably Managed Forests

By purchasing 100% responsible fiber, Cascades reduces the overall pressure on forests and other natural resources.

Our procurement

Our Products Respectful of Nature

At Cascades, we place a high value on the materials found in the recovery bins because the manufacture of our products depends on them.

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