Our Publications

Proud of its performance and determined to pursue its efforts, Cascades regularly publishes the result of its actions for sustainable development.

Driving Positive Change

True to its values and its desire to help its customers reduce their environmental footprint, Cascades has set new sustainable development targets, which reaffirm its ability to think big, do more and bring the circular economy to life.

pdf-responsabilites-presidents-comites-ca-cascades  2021-2025 Sustainability Action Plan (8.6 Mo)


2016-2020 Sustainable Development Plan

Guided by its determination to act responsibly for the planet, prosperity and its partners, Cascades published its third action plan in 2016, bringing together 10 new goals for 2020.

pdf-responsabilites-presidents-comites-ca-cascades  2016-2020 Sustainable Development Plan (3.2 Mo)

2013-2015 Sustainable Development Plan

Building on the 2010–2012 plan, this second sustainable development plan focuses on nine relevant issues with respect to the priority challenges for Cascades and its industry.

pdf-responsabilites-presidents-comites-ca-cascades 2013-2015 Sustainable Development Plan (0.6 Mo)
 2013-2015 Performance Report (4.6 Mo)



2010-2012 Sustainable Development Plan

In 2010, Cascades launched its first sustainable development plan, building on the environmental, social and economic commitments the company has honoured since its founding. With its 18 objectives, this plan was based on extensive consultation with the company’s stakeholders.

pdf-responsabilites-presidents-comites-ca-cascades 2010-2012 Sustainable Development Plan (7.0 Mo)
 2011 Interim Report (0.6 Mo)
         2010-2012 Performance Report (12.5 Mo)