Sustainable Operations

Cascades is partnering to develop methods that are regenerative and respectful of the environment.


Cascades, Going Above and Beyond

In order to do more for the planet, prosperity, and our partners, we have set ambitious targets in our 2016-2020 Sustainable Development Plan.

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At Cascades, sustainability is in our DNA

True to its values and eager to help its customers reduce their environmental footprint, Cascades is driving positive change with its fourth Sustainability Action Plan and its 15 ambitious targets for 2021–2025.

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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

sustainable developpement goal 6 sustainable developpement goal 7

Cascades is proud to contribute to the United Nations’ universal Agenda for Sustainable Development by aligning its actions with goals 6 and 7.

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Some of our goals


renewable electricity by 2030


of our energy consumption in 2025


of our water consumption in 2025

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Purchasing renewable electricity

Cascades’ commitment to reducing its environmental footprint is reaching new heights with an ambitious target: achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2030. This target will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the products it markets for the benefit of its partners and the planet.


Reduce Our Water Footprint

Thanks to the ingenuity of its teams, Cascades manages to recirculate part of the water from its plants through a closed-loop system, and in so doing reduces its consumption of fresh water. As well, the company is a pioneer in chlorine-free bleaching for the manufacture of tissue products.

Reduce Our Energy Consumption

For more than 20 years, Cascades has relied on an in-house group of energy efficiency experts. We have been active partners in the ENERGY STAR program since 2010, attesting to our commitment to continually improving our energy performance.


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Giving Residuals a Second Life

Cascades is working to give a second life to the residual materials that its operations generate. Every year, the vast majority of waste from manufacturing plants is diverted from landfills to be used to enrich the soil, fertilize agricultural land or supply biomass boilers.

Eco-friendly Products

Cascades stands out from other companies through its commitment to offering innovative products that meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility.


LEED Environmental Certification for Lachute Plant

The expansion project at its Lachute plant earned Cascades the first LEED-NC certification ever given to a building dedicated to paper production.