Cascades is committed to offering quality services to its employees, units and partners. 


Cascades CS+

The integration of five major services offered by Cascades is an unbeatable plus for overcoming your various production challenges. We stand out from the competition.

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Cascades Transport

Cascades maximizes its equipment not only by providing transportation for its production units but also by offering comparable services to outside companies.

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Cascades Recovery+

Through the Cascades Recovery+ program, we work with our partners at every stage of the process to offer them tailored, sustainable, economical recycling solutions.


Canada’s Largest Collector of Recyclable Fibre

Cascades recycles and reuses over 1.8 million short tons of fibres every year. These recycled materials are found in practically every product we make.

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Cascades Completes the Cycle

Cascades’ activities rely on the materials found in the recycling bin. Recycled paper, cardboard and plastic find a second life in the products we market.


A circular company

A Vast Network Spanning North America

From coast to coast to coast, nearly 20 recycling centres and hundreds of vehicles service Cascades partners.


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