Our Management Philosophy

Even at the height of its expansion, Cascades remains an inclusive company that operates on a human scale.


Our Employees, the Key to our Success

Empowerment drives motivation, engagement and recognition of a job well done.

Autonomy means trying, even at the risk of making a mistake.

The feeling of belonging causes people to naturally take on tasks that require their participation.

A Collegial and Consultative Atmosphere

Our open-door policy encourages candid communication, regardless of hierarchical level.

Our management practices are based on our fundamental values.

Our approach facilitates collaboration and an understanding of each person’s priorities.


An Approach Centred on Sharing

Our profit-sharing policy is ahead of its time in the industry.

Teamwork is the basis of the evolution in our business strategies.

The honours we have earned in recent years are a testament to our leadership in human relationships.

Charles Coutu - Vice-president ressources humaines Cascades CS+

Charles Coutu

HR Director - Cascades CS+ Inc.

"We are recognized as a company that is admired for its style of employee management."


Working at Cascades

Help create a world that’s a little cleaner and a little softer, one day at a time, by joining the Cascades team

Cascades – A Multinational with a Human Touch

In addition to its environmentally-friendly products, Cascades has long been known for a human touch when it comes to employee management.

Our Employees

Cascades is first and foremost a story about family: the one we have been writing with the 10,000 Cascaders who work hard every day to make the company a success.