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As a veteran with more than half a century in the pulp and paper industry, as a leader in sustainable development, Cascades has expertise and know-how it would like to share with you.



Cascades family patriarch Antonio Lemaire was fond of an old saying: "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.” Today, we are sharing our expertise in this area so that you too can join our movement.

Five Practical Tips for Recycling on Vacation

Relax, take a break from your hectic daily routine and enjoy peace of mind by managing residual materials better during your vacation.



Five Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden With Recycled Materials

A lot of everyday household items can find a second life in our gardens, instead of going to the landfills.


Ten Tips for Reducing, Re-using, Recycling and Recovering

The 4-R method promotes effective, responsible management of residual materials.



Five Tips for Demystifying the Recycling Bin

Let’s make you better recyclers by answering your questions about recycling once and for all.



Hard-to-recycle Items

Whether it’s electronic devices, corks, light bulbs, batteries or CDs, you’ll know how to dispose of them so they can be reused or recycled.



Ten Tips to Reduce Household Waste

Learn right now how to better manage the organic and recyclable materials in your garbage can and keep them out of the landfill.



Vacation: Six Tips for Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

Keep your vacation from becoming synonymous with overconsumption by including your green conscience in your suitcase.


Wrap It Up!

Since the gifts themselves are already overpackaged, imagine the waste we are creating by wrapping them up even more!




Every Canadian consumes nearly 223 litres of water per day. Much of that water is wasted and goes straight down the drain. Learn about our ten simple tips for reducing your household consumption.

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We have approximately 10,000 employees, all committed in their own way to making a difference. We hope you will join our movement.

Greening Your Spring Cleaning

You can reduce the impact of your big spring cleaning on the environment and your health. Find out how.



Four Tips for a Zero-waste Picnic

With a zero-waste approach, you can make your summer picnics truly green. Learn our tips for how.



Three Zero Shopping Gift-exchange Ideas

Rethink traditional gift-giving during the Holidays with a zero-shopping activity. You’ll find it just as fun!


Nine Eco-friendly Resolutions for a Greener Year

Start off the new year with new habits at home or at work to help you reduce your eco-footprint throughout the year.


Foire aux questions sur les emballages alimentaires

À l’occasion de la 22e Semaine québécoise de réduction des déchets, Cascades souhaite que vous développiez un nouveau réflexe lors de vos prochaines épiceries : l’analyse des emballages.


Preparing Litter-less Lunches for Going Back to School

The goal of “litter-less” lunches is to have no waste left at the end of the meal. Learn our few simple tips and become an expert on the subject.


Back to School in Eco-Style

Whether it’s your kids going back to school or even you, think eco-friendly and start the new year off by going green!



Talkin' Trash: Fall Composting Tips

Return your organic materials to the earth by composting at home. Your next garden will love it!




Whether at the cottage, at home or at work, become energy-saving specialists with our ten tips on how to use less. The planet and your wallet will thank you!

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