Sustainably Managed Forests

With its products composed of mainly recycled fibre and priority given to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, Cascades responsibly sources 100% of its fibres and minimizes its impact on forests. To cover all of our raw material inputs, we now include paper rolls we purchase externally and aim for 100% certified or recycled paper!

An Urban Forest

For Cascades, recovery bins contain a treasure trove of materials.

Every year, the company uses millions of tonnes of recycled materials to manufacture its products and in so doing reduces the overall pressure on forests and other important natural resources such as water.


of the fibres used for our products are recycled


million short tonnes of recycled fibres were used in our products in 2022


first mill to be FSC®-certified

Certified Plants

All Cascades’ plants hold multi-site certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which attests that Cascade’s certified products come from certified, well-managed forests and from controlled or recovered sources. New plants or acquisitions are integrated into the process according to a defined timeline.

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Sustainable Procurement

Since fibres cannot be recycled indefinitely, we sometimes have no choice but to use virgin fibres.

Cascades makes sure to source from forests managed to the highest standards, prioritizing FSC certification, and in accordance with its Sustainable Procurement Practice. To go even further in protecting forests and biodiversity, we are also committed to doubling our FSC® Mix supply, which guarantees supply from audited forests.


The Eight Principles of our Sustainable Procurement Practice


Products responsibility


Respect for the environment


Respect for employees by providing adequate working conditions


Economic sustainability


Transparency in governance and communications


Strict supply chain verification 


Compliance with social, environmental and economic legislation


Ethical business practices

Supplier Evaluation

In 2012, Cascades retained EcoVadis, a firm specializing in assessing supplier practices. This process enables us to ensure that we work with organizations that share our values.