Commitments and Goals

Cascades is serious about its role of responsible corporate citizen and bases its approach on concerted, rigorous practices.


Ambitious Targets for 2020

In order to do more for the planet, prosperity and its partners, Cascades is currently working on a third sustainable development plan with ten objectives for 2016–2020.

pdf-responsabilites-presidents-comites-ca-cascades 2016–2020 Sustainable Development Plan (3.4 Mo)


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Mario Plourde - Président et chef de la direction

Mario Plourde

President and Chief Executive Officer

“Our desire to raise the standards of social responsibility and demonstrate positive leadership in the entrepreneurial landscape drives us to constantly push the limits, rethink practices and question habits.”

Message from Management

Consulting our Stakeholders

Cascades greatly values its stakeholders’ opinions in establishing the priorities of its sustainable development approach.

Building on Policies

Cascades has clear policies that guide and detail its commitment to generating positive impacts for the planet and its communities.


Working Toward a Common Goal

Cascades has a team of experts to help it implement action plans and achieve the objectives of its sustainable development plan.