Increase production efficiency through insulation

Increase production efficiency through insulation.

About Fitmenu

Fitmenu is a company specializing in the preparation and delivery of meals, snacks and ready-to-grill proteins. It stands out for the quality of its food and its balanced menus. In 2019, Simon Lefebvre & Kevin Howard bought the company with the aim of improving its image, revamping its offering and improving its operating processes. Their challenge, they took it up. Fitmenu has the wind in its sails and enjoys a fine reputation in its region, Quebec.

Fitmenu's challenge

When the current owners took control of Fitmenu, the lunch boxes were insulated with 6 polystyrene panels inserted on the assembly line. Although this solution met the targeted insulation performance for cold shipping packages, its installation slowed down the pace of operations. Soon the new owners started looking for an alternative that was easier and faster to fit into the insulated boxes. 

The solution

Cascades northbox® insulation has proven to be the go-to product. Composed of two foldable pieces, it slips easily into the box and offers an assembly speed incomparable to the polystyrene solution. Shipped flat, it takes up much less storage space.

Discover our solution

“We wanted to give our client an unboxing WOW effect! This is the experience you can get with northbox® insulation, the product is attractive and recyclable.”

Simon Lefebvre

Co-President of Fitmenu


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They also adopted the northbox®.