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Cascades Fluff
Soft, by nature™

Made from responsibly sourced fiber, Cascades Fluff is environmentally friendly. Choosing Cascades Fluff is a small gesture with a big impact!

Our Bathroom Tissue Cascades Fluff®


Cascades Fluff® Enviro

This line of bathroom tissue is the first choice of nature lovers. It’s as gentle on you as it is on the environment!

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Cascades Fluff® Strong

This bathroom tissue was designed for people who value strength as much as softness.

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Cascades Fluff® Ultra

For those who are looking for maximum softness, Cascades Fluff® Ultra is the softest of the family.

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Our Paper Towels Cascades Tuff®

Cascades Tuff® Enviro

A product that contains 100% recycled fibre, is gentle on the environment, and is strong and absorbent : the perfect combination.

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Cascades Tuff® Extreme

This line of paper towels is the strongest of the family. They were designed to meet all the challenges of day-to-day life.

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Cascades Tuff® Econo

Available with larger sheets than our regular line for efficient and effective work.

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100% recycled packaging

Did you know that all Cascades Fluff and Tuff® products are available in 100% recycled resin packaging? Learn more about this innovation and the impact it can have on our planet.

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Fundraising Program

Have a fundraising activity planned and looking for an original, innovative tool? Give your project or cause a boost with Cascades Fluff & Tuff® Enviro!

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The FluffTM and TuffTM Blog

The Cascades Fluff & Tuff® website offers a wealth of articles written to facilitate the understanding of the brand. Take the opportunity to learn more about your favorite bunnies, find tips for the family and discover many DIY projects for kids. Go take a look!

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Your Questions, our Answers

Want to know if it’s possible to buy the FluffTM and TuffTM stuffed animals? Where can you buy our tissue products? For the answers to your questions, see the FAQ section of our Cascades Fluff & Tuff® website.


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