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Eco-design is second nature to Cascades. For nearly 60 years, our field experts have been reinforcing and sharing their knowledge, ensuring that resources are used to their full potential while preserving them at the source.

Life-cycle assessment: A pillar of eco-design

Consume less, consume better. At a time when climate change is a concern, people are looking for concrete ways to reduce their ecological footprint.

Retailers, grocers, distributors, processors, etc. are being questioned by consumers who want to buy greener.

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Recyclable or not? What makes the difference in recyclability

A world of factors must be considered before answering a seemingly simple question: Is this packaging recyclable or not?

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Packaging and hygiene solutions: Possibilities and limits of compostability

While composting and recovery have the common advantage of diverting materials from landfills, their processes are quite different.


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Packaging's potential as a solution to food waste

The food supply chain is like a race against time, where freshness is preserved in relays all the way to the consumer's table. Depending their properties, packaging solutions can help preserve the food's integrity right up to the finish line. 

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Eco-responsible end of life for a product: Demystifying priorities at the source

A better understanding of their distinctions and impacts, beyond perceptions, helps organize our choices. 

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