Research and Development Centre

We collaborate on your quality management and product innovation projects.


State of the art Pulp and Paper Research and Development Centre

Founded in 1985, our research centre provides services around the world, with a team of 75 dynamic and multidisciplinary specialists. With our one-of-a-kind approach, we can develop innovative, operational solutions tailor-made to meet a variety of needs.


A Distinctive, Personalized Approach

As the technical hub serving 85 Cascades plants, we are structured to meet various needs. We are constantly adjusting our methods to reach the end goal as directly as possible. And if a method doesn’t exist, we invent one!


Materials Imaging

An Image Is Worth a Thousand Words

From basic optical microscopy in the beginning, this service has evolved over the years into a major arsenal of materials imaging equipment.


Our specialists' approach quickly leads to an understanding of materials and their structure (problems, comparisons, competitive analysis, reverse engineering), and it is often the starting point for many a project.


This service stands out for its speed and quality (usually just a few days!).

Key Areas of Expertise

Pulp and Paper

Process Chemistry & Analysis

Materials Imaging

Physics of Materials


Our Area of Activity

Materials and Chemicals

Our team of chemists has the expertise, equipment and, above all, the enthusiasm to develop materials featuring the desired properties and that are tailored to clients’ growing needs. We also excel at developing customized analytical chemistry methods in response to your most stringent needs, be it in a solid, liquid or gaseous matrix.


Our Services

Our team of specialists offers the following services:

  • Troubleshooting, process and product characterization
  • Quality and customer complaints
  • Product development and Innovation
  • Development of analysis methods
  • Laboratory equipment calibration services
  • Plant worker training and support
  • Assistance in acquiring the scientific research and experimental development tax credit (SR&ED)

Fibrous Materials







Advanced Materials

Broad Range of Tests Performed

  • Chemical Analyses
  • Bleaching
  • Wet End Chemistry
  • Process Waters
  • Surface Treatment and Extrusion
  • Microbiology
  • Pulp Properties
  • Material Imaging (optical, electron, three-dimensional and infrared microscopy)
  • Optical Properties of Paper and Containerboard
  • Physical Properties of Containerboard
  • Physical Properties of Boxes
  • Physical Properties of Boxes and Corrugated Board
  • Tissue Paper Properties
  • Testing on Plastics, Polymers and Other
  • Converting Adhesive Tests (tissue paper, containerboard)
  • Recycling and De-inking
  • Food Contact and Certification


Packaging Adapted to the New Reality

Packaging designed for use in an e-commerce context has a vastly different set of constraints than that designed for use in the traditional context of delivery on pallets. Our team of packaging experts understands this new reality and has the knowledge and equipment to help you meet your e-commerce packaging needs.

Methods and Associations










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