Cascades containerboard linerboard

High-performance Paper

Our linerboard retains its strength in a wide range of conditions so as to specifically meet the various needs of our customers. Furthermore, its very sturdy and eco-friendly design will allow you to optimize your manufacturing and operating costs.



Cascades containerboard XP

Cascades XP

Reliable, consistent and optimized for complex packaging designs, Cascades XP offers stronger, more lightweight solutions that allow for high speed converting.

Cascades containerboard HP

Cascades HP

Cascades HP is a cost-effective, recycled paper that offers superior stacking strength. Its smoothness guarantees increased printing quality and facilitates the converting process.

Cascades containerboard White

Cascades White

Developed with a deep commitment to the environment, 100% recycled Cascades White offers superior quality in terms of strength, texture and consistent whiteness.

Cascades containerboard White TT

Cascades White TT

Preserve the whiteness of waxed packaging through our 100% recycled Cascades White TT (titanium) linerboard.


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