cascades containerboard linerboard

Reliable, sustainable and high-performance

Developed with sustainability and performance in mind, our linerboard, made from recycled fibres, is offered in a wide spectrum of weights, from the lightest to the heaviest. Reliable in a multitude of conditions, it will help you optimize your costs while meeting the demand for more sustainable packaging.


Cascades is proud to offer new products in the XP family. The new XP heavyweight papers (from #56 to #69 lb.), made from 100% recycled fibres, will enable you to effectively replace virgin paper in your packaging.

Discover Cascades XP

High performance linerboard

Cost-effective, recycled paper that offers superior stacking strength.

Extra high-performance linerboard

From light to heavyweight, this paper made from 100% recycled fibres is an innovative alternative to virgin fibre in your packaging design.

White 100% recycled linerboard

100% recycled chlorine-free linerboard with a superior quality in terms of strength, texture, printing and consistent whiteness.

Papier doublure blanc 100 % recyclé

Fabriqué sans chlore, ce papier doublure blanc 100 % recyclé vous assure une qualité supérieure en termes de force, de texture et d’uniformité de la blancheur.

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Cascades EnviroBlancMD TT

Conservez la blancheur de votre emballage suite à l’application de cire grâce au papier doublure 100 % recyclé Cascades EnviroBlanc MD TT (titanium).


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