We deploy the renowned expertise of our industrial equipment reconditioning shop.


Measuring Up to Your Needs

Our 24,000 sq. ft. workshop has the necessary infrastructure for manufacturing and assembling machine-welded parts. This extraordinary production area also allows us to carry out repair work on all types of industrial equipment.

Our Expertise

Thanks to the quality of our infrastructures, the diversity of our equipment and the professionalism of our teams, we have developed recognized expertise in a host of fields.

  • 125,000 sq. ft. yard
  • More than 5,000 parts/pieces of equipment in inventory (continually evolving)
  • Many employees for equipment sales and purchases
  • Many employees in the workshop and the roll grinder department
  • Transportation and customs services

Accessible Expertise

With its customized and multidisciplinary approach, our team of specialists will adapt to your needs and meet even the most complex expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your issues.


Département rectifieur

  • Rectification de rouleaux/presse aspirante (secteur pâtes et papier)
  • Reconditionnement de rouleaux/presse aspirante (secteur pâtes et papier)
  • Balancement de rouleaux/presse aspirante (secteur pâtes et papier)
  • Réparation de recouvrement de rouleaux

Département atelier

  • Fabrication de tuyauterie et de vaisseaux sous pression (ASME / 1-4-8-31.1-31.3)
  • Fabrication mécano-soudée (CWB / CSA W47.1)
  • Fabrication et reconditionnement d’appareils de levage (CWB)
  • Reconditionnement d’équipements industriels