Multi-Depth Box Cutter

Discover the Cascades E-Cutter TM, a safer tool to cut multi-depth box corners

The Cascades E-CutterTM

Ensures you work with a rapid, confident and precise gesture

Adjustable rod

To cut just at the right height

Safer tool

Designed with its shielded blade

Straight and clean cut

Thanks to its shape that directs
the blade to the right place

Explanatory videos

Watch these straight-forward videos to learn how to use the Cascades E-CutterTM,
how to adjust the rod and change the blade.

How to use the Cascades E-Cutter TM ?

How to cut the corners of the multi-depth box from
3 in (7.6 cm) to 8 in (20.3 cm)?

How to change the blade of the Cascades E-Cutter TM ?

Box for Cascades E-Cutter

Included in the package

  • 1 cutter (including 1 blade)
    and its adjustable rod
  • 5 spare blades
  • 1 user guide
Multi-Depth Box and Cascades E-Cutter

A complete solution created by Cascades

The Cascades E-CutterTM and multi-depth boxes are the perfect solution for e-commerce more specifically for shipping products of different formats.


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