Discover our innovative egg carton solution

Envision the difference. Cascades Fresh GUARD EnVisionTM is more than just egg packaging; it’s a fresh perspective on sustainability and impactful branding.

  • Added visibility for the eggs
  • Increased brand impact
  • Fortified protection
  • Made from 100% recycled fibres

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Break the mould with the egg carton Cascades Fresh GUARD EnVisionTM

Made from 100% recycled fibres, our egg carton offers an unmatched performance that helps preserve your eggs and the planet.

Steals the spotlight

  • Increases branding exposure by 95%.1
  • Flexibility to tailor the shape of die-cut openings in the packaging
  • Uses lithography printing for superior visual quality and cost-effectiveness

Offers unmatched protection in every egg carton2

  • Flexural rigidity: 3x more rigid1
  • Stacking strength: 2x more rigid1
  • Transport test: 0 broken eggs on 1,243 miles (2,000 km)2

Lays the groundwork for a greener future

  • Pre-qualified as Widely Recyclable by How2Recycle3
  • Enhances the fulfillment of ESG commitments.
  • Aligns seamlessly with consumer expectations for sustainable packaging

Xpertise you can count on

Our team of marketing and innovation experts at Cascades is always ready to collaborate with retailers and producers to create solutions that meet market demands. We are committed to supporting your marketing and sustainability goals and providing valuable guidance.

  • Market trends and consumer tests
  • Performance testing in our R&D center
  • Graphic design and branding expertise
  • Support for your sustainability efforts

1 : Compared to moulded pulp carton with cardboard top

2 : Tests were conducted at our R&D centre. It is recommended that customers perform their own tests.

3 : The final recyclability designation may be influenced by product application, final package design, and other factors.