Innovative Deconfinement Assistance Solutions

Our innovative solutions will help you reinforce social distancing and security measures for your employees, colleagues, users or customers.* These products are light, robust and easy to assemble. They are also recyclable after use.


Removable Corrugated Cardboard Floor Dividers

These dividers are designed to reinforce social distancing in the workplace by adding an additional protective barrier. Placed at regular intervals between workstations, they can help provide a safer work environment.

*Example of prototype developed

Individual Corrugated Cardboard Dividers for Tables

The individual divider is designed to add extra protection to enhance social distance measures. Side panels protect users from droplets and a panel comes on top of the table to protect the surface.

*Example of prototype developed

Customize your dividers with digital printing!

Integrate your brand's visuals and colors on your dividers and partitions to create ambiance and impact with your target audiences. Precise and punchy printing process: high quality, no minimum quantity required, fast time-to-market, multi-sku production possible.


Protective Visor Adaptable to a Cap

Intended for people in contact with the public such as delivery people, grocery clerks or teachers, this visor is made of PET. It adapts to any type of baseball cap and protects the face from droplets.


Corrugated Delivery Box

This box is designed for easy delivery. It can hold up to three paper bags, can be mounted without tape, is easily disassembled and reusable. In addition, its reinforced handles make it easier and safer to carry. This box uses less cardboard than a traditional delivery box for environmental consciousness.


Corrugated Tray

This tray was designed to replace the plastic trays used in cafeterias and hospitals. This tray is made for single use and is recyclable, which reduces the risk of contamination and avoids systematic disinfection after use. It is light, robust, foldable and easily stackable.


These products have been manufactured to provide a level of protection to individual against small airborne droplets that can carry and spread infectious pathogens. However, these products have not been certified, homologated nor tested to medical standards and shall not, in anyway whatsoever, be intended to replace medical materials. Furthermore, these products are not meant to replace government officials’ guidelines such as but not limited to washing hands, avoiding touching your face and maintaining physical distancing from others.


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