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Choose “local”

Choose “local”.

About Plant Prepped

Plant Prepped is a ready-to-cook, plant-based meal delivery service. Based in Ontario, the company is led by Ilana Tarutina, a CEO who values plant-based food for its benefits to human health and for its ecological footprint. 

Plant Prepped's challenge

When Ilana Tarutina started her business, it was clear that thermal packaging should be kept to a minimum and be eco-responsible, because the commitment to sustainability is at the heart of her business model. It goes without saying that the performance of the insulation was also an essential characteristic that the packaging had to meet. 

The solution

Cascades northbox® insulation has successfully met all of Plant Prepped’s selection criteria. Made of recycled cardboard, the solution is easily recyclable, and it maintains the freshness of meals in all seasons. Moreover, it is locally manufactured. 

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Ilana Tarutina

CEO of Plant Prepped

“Prioritizing local suppliers such as Cascades is part of our way of doing things and to minimize our environmental footprint.”


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They also adopted the northbox®.