Cascades, a Partner of the David Suzuki Foundation

Protecting the environment is in Cascades’ DNA, which is why its partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation only makes sense!

The company has been honouring this partnership since 2016 by supporting the Foundation in its mission to protect nature’s diversity and the well-being of all life. This is a concrete way of further expanding our civic action and its positive impact on the planet.

Sustainable Partners Since 2016

Together, Cascades and the David Suzuki Foundation organize awareness activities and campaigns. To celebrate the launch of this partnership, David Suzuki, Laurence Packer and Lorraine Johnson hosted a conference in Toronto that attracted upwards of 300 participants from various backgrounds.

Catherine Hallmich

Senior Science Projects Manager

"Committed to reducing its ecological impact for more than 50 years, Cascades stands out for its leadership and effective efforts with regard to protecting the environment. This sustainable approach is an example to follow and proof that companies can actively participate in the ecological transition.”

Working Together for Environmental Education

Cascades had the privilege of hosting David Suzuki at our Ottawa sorting centre for an educational session on recovery, recycling and climate change. The session was held with about forty students and teachers from the EcoSchools Canada network. It was the perfect occasion for reflecting on the environmental impact of our consumption habits.